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ProToolpath module is a step forward for cabinetmakers requiring seamless links from design to production with this cabinet design software. You can connect directly to your CNC nesting equipment for fast and accurate production of all your design details including cutting, routing and drilling.


Produces drilling and routing positions
Produces accurate shaped parts dimensions
All CNC output can be trapped and manually modified for any reason
Produces “True Shape” nesting to achieve the highest possible material yield
Output direct to all CNC nesting machines with complete intuitive machining tool paths


3D ToolPath does NOT require either macros (difficult and time consuming to create) or the difficult manual creation of parametric programs. 3D ToolPath has a very simple graphical user interface which shows you precisely what your output will be cabinet by cabinet and panel by panel. Parts templates are NOT required as all shaping and drilling is produced directly from within 3D Kitchen software.